Review – In the Clearing by Robert Dugoni

“IN THE CLEARING” by Robert Dugoni is the 3rd book in the Tracy Crosswhite series. The plot has 2 cases running simultaneously, first one is a forty year old cold case about a suicide of a young girl and the other a contemporary one. The cold case was far more interesting than the new one, although it lacked nail-biting suspense.

Like the first book, the plot is set in a small town where lies the mystery. I like the way the modern forensic procedures and technology are shown to shed light on such cold cases. The protagonist of the story i.e. Tracy Crosswhite , is very well defined and one can easily understand her turmoil caused by the death of her sister that eventually made her a homicide detective.

Having read the first one ,”MY SISTER’S GRAVE” , I can definitely say this was a better book for me . I am not a fan of Robert Dugoni’s books but I like his writing. It is an entertaining, well written book especially if you’re into this genre.


The Rule Breakers by Preeti Shenoy

Preeti Shenoy is one of those writers whose books I always look forward to read, probably that’s the reason this book didn’t live up to my expectations. Usually her books are character driven and fast paced, but this story was slow and you are not entirely invested in it till the second half.
The protagonist in this book is a young girl named, Veda, who lives in the mountains with her four siblings and parents. A young girl who comes from a fairly conservative background and the hardships she faces which eventually changes the course of her life .Although the book is set in the 1990’s , it does touch upon issues which are very relevant in today’s world that we face in our existing society.
The book does stay with you after you are done reading the last chapter, how I wish the first half wasn’t that slow. Having said that, I would definitely pick up the next book by this author. I am yet to get over “life is what you make of it” by her.


I was delighted to know a Japanese restaurant has opened in Juhu. Finally, I visited it last week, and I’m yet to get over the delicious food that I had!

They’ve tried to make this place as authentic as possible, even adding the traditional Japanese sitting.

The menu is quite elaborative offering a variety of options for vegetarians as well as non -vegetarians. I just loved their sushi options!
We began with the super crunchy roll i.e. a maki roll comprising of mushroom, avocado, cucumber. It’s hands down the best sushi I’ve ever had!

For the mains, we chose teppanyaki fried rice and Kofuku chefs special curry, both were appetizing although the curry could’ve been less spicy.
The staff was very polite and helpful, and the service was quick.
I am surely going there again to satisfy my taste buds.